Roulette 101


With so many guides online covering the subject roulette, and with every single one of them having a different strategy it can get quite confusing for new players as to which one is right. What we’ve found is the best approach would be to take a bit of information from each of the guides as you’ll always be able to find relevant information from plenty of different sources.

First up before you begin playing at any online casino you’ll need to open an account with your chosen casino or bookmaker/casino which has roulette in there games section. This will require a bit of research on your behalf as to which casino you want to play at and what kind of bonus that you will be looking for like betfred promotion code | get your favourite betfred promo code. Whether it be free spins, no deposit or a matched deposit bonus. Once you’ve researched and found the casino that you want to play at you need to pen up an account, this will require you to fill in your information about yourself and where you’re from. Don’t worry though these sites are normally very safe and secure and you won’t have any of your details leaked to spam mailers.

Now this all depends on whether you’re playing for fun or you want to play to win lots of money, if it’s the first choice then feel free to deposit some money and have it a go, but we all know at the end of the day you’re at an online casino because you want to win some money. So we advise you search around the forums and message boards to see if you can find any tips/tricks to use that may give you the edge over the house. Who doesn’t want a little extra money in the long run? Be warned though you can spend hours researching methods but at the end of the day what matters most is luck, sometimes you’ll have a great streak so we advise to quit while you’re ahead on this.

Finally its time to play for real, you’ve read up on roulette and you’ve got to grips with certain strategies now you need to put them into action. Head to your roulette wheel of choice whether its French, American or European. Put some money down (start small) and give it a spin. One more bit of advice is always bank your winnings don’t get into the habit of playing with any of the money you win otherwise you could end up leaving empty handed.…

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Casino Newbie? Check Out The Tips & Tricks


Online casinos can be one of the most addictive online games and can actually be quite difficult for newbies as with all the emotions involved when ever there is any real money at stake. In order to consistently win at a casino and make an actual profit then you need to start implementing strategies into your game. There’s a few things you can do before picking up any strategies though:

1. Study the game you’re about to play before you deposit and wager any money on it. Having a good general understanding of what game you’re about to play can really help you out in the long run. What you’ll find in a lot of online casinos is that they wont help you out unless you ask for it so be clued up before you play in order to ensure consistent wins. There is plenty of information on pretty much every kind of game you could ever play at a casino whether you’re playing on a specific slot or on French roulette just have a quick look on google for some great information on how to play.

2. Practice, practice & practice some more. A lot of the online casinos will give you the option of paying for free without you having to deposit any real money into the account. This is a great way to learn the ropes of a game before adding your own cash, if you have any strategies or tips that you want to try out then now is the time to give it a go as there is no timeframe you can practice for as long as you like without interruption.

3. Always, always learn the rules before playing if you have any questions just hit then internet and ask away in the forums. Not knowing the rules could be a very costly mistake on your behalf so to avoid any accidents where you could’ve won big or prevented yourself from losing a lot of money just make sure you learn the rules before playing.

4. Start small and build your way up. Like with most things in life you should never jump in at the deep end, start off small and if you find luck going your way gradually build yourself up to the big bets. If you start off big and have a bad streak then that could be your starting bankroll over with and then you can either withdraw more (bad idea) or leave with no money.

5. Every casino has a separate bonus, some may look similar but that generally isn’t the case if you’ve found a bonus that takes your interest have a read of the terms and conditions first to make sure you agree with what the casino has set out. A lot of times these casinos have stipulations on the bonuses before you can withdraw any winnings and if you do all your money will be void.…

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